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Lessons, study sessions, exams… Keeping track of it all can be hectic! Having the best Student Planner at your side is the first step towards academic success.

5 Must-Have Features in a Student Planner

Lessons, study sessions, exams… Keeping track of it all can be hectic! Having the best Student Planner at your side is the first step towards academic success.

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Feeling the jitters of a new term? Whether it’s going back to school with all your friends again, or starting your first year at university, we all feel those nervous flutters when starting something big and new! But here’s a secret: Academic success starts long before you set foot in school or university. It starts with your planning.


But what Student Planner should you choose? Well, here at Personal Planner HQ we’ve got more study years (all staff combined) than we dare to count. And as savvy ex-students, we know there’s a few non-negotiables when picking the perfect planner for you. We’ve tried to narrow it down to the list below, and have made sure to include all these features in our Special Edition Student Planner.

5 Fab Features You Need in a Student Planner

  • Portable A5 size - A student planner needs to be light-weight and easy to carry around. It has to fit comfortably in your bag, and still offer enough space to write, plan, and take notes in.

  • Additional pages tailored to the specific needs of a student - We think a great student planner has to include more than just calendar pages for weekly planning. Your study years are such a special time in your life, and your planner should be special too. That’s why our themed pages, Student, include things that are tailored specifically to a student’s life: grade trackers, academic year overview, lined pages for notetaking, schedule templates, and more.

  • Cover personalization - We speak from experience when we say that as a student, you’ll be using your planner A LOT. And if you’re going to look at it every day, you’ll want to create something you love. For our Student Planner, we’ve picked a beautifully billowing, emerald green design - but you can upload your own images on the cover instead, if you like!

  • Layout Customization - We’re all unique individuals, all with slightly different planning needs and preferences. The Best-of-Both weekly layout comes as standard in our Student Planner, but you can choose from 8 different layout options to find the one that suits your everyday life best.

  • Optional time schedule in the weekly layout - Sometimes, keeping track of all your classes, study dates, and personal activities can get a bit hectic. That’s why it’s crucial to have a planner where you can schedule things in at precise times. With us, you can pick a personalized timetable and decide how it’s displayed in your planner.

The Student Planner is tailor-made to suit the busy days of a student. We’ve packed it full of practical pages where you can fill in your schedule, track your grades, plan projects and get motivated by the weekly quotes on each spread. Personalize your Student Planner by adding your name on the cover and selecting your starting month - now you’re ready for your most organized academic year yet. In our opinion, this is simply the best Student Planner out there. But don’t just take our word for it - check it out yourself!


Even though the Student Planner is the best choice for you as a student, you can always take your planner to the next level with some awesome accessories. We’ve put together a special kit just for you, featuring the three best student sticker sheets as well as two multipacks of our most popular pens. The multipacks include a 3-pack of FriXion pens (our favorites, with erasable ink that allows you to change your mind), and a 5-pack of beautiful Emott pens with the finest felt tips.

Curious to learn more about the student kit as well as all the other accessories we offer for students? Just dive in and explore!


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