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What’s a habit tracker and how do you use one? What can you track? Find the answers here plus 10 ideas for things to track in your habit tracker!

10 Things to Track with a Habit Tracker

What’s a habit tracker and how do you use one? What can you track? Find the answers here plus 10 ideas for things to track in your habit tracker!

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Habit trackers have taken the world by storm, and they’re everywhere on socials! But what exactly is a habit tracker, and what can you track with it? Let’s dive in and give you some solid tips to turn you into a tracking whiz!

What’s a Habit Tracker Anyway?

A habit tracker is a clever tool that offers fun, surprising, and insightful glimpses into your habits and behaviours. While they can vary in appearance, they typically involve patterns, shapes, or drawings that you fill in daily.

The goal? To monitor something about yourself, like how you’re feeling, existing habits, or new ones you’re trying to establish.

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How Do You Use a Habit Tracker?

Once you decide what you want to monitor, you start filling in your tracker daily. Over time, you’ll begin to notice patterns about what affects you and gain deeper self-insight. People often use different colours for different habits, turning your tracker into a colourful mosaic of your life.

Why Use a Habit Tracker?

Habit trackers provide a clear, visual representation of your patterns. They reveal how new habits positively impact you, celebrate the success of kicking a bad habit, or even why you deserve a pat on the back. It’s all about personal growth!

Maybe your mood is tied to your diet, your sleep quality to your exercise routine, or that nagging headache to too much screen time. With a habit tracker, you discover more about yourself and find motivation for change.

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What Can I Track?

Really, anything goes! But with endless possibilities, it can be hard to know where to start. So, we’ve listed 10 things you might consider tracking:

  • Mood

  • Exercise

  • Eating habits

  • Hydration

  • Meditation & mindfulness

  • Sleep

  • Hobbies

  • Screen time

  • Finances

  • Self-care

Hope these ideas kickstart your habit tracking journey! If you’re eager to explore more about our trackers, check out this blog post: 12 Mood Tracker and Habit Tracker Ideas - Free Printables!

And if you’re ready to dive in right now? Grab a planner and fill it with habit trackers to personalise your pages!


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