Our story

Every day, our lives seem to go a little faster than the day before. We have a bit less time to shop for groceries. A little less time to study for the exam. Less time to spend with friends and family. But, at the same time, doesn’t it seem like there’s constantly more to do at school and at work? Not to mention all the housework, on top of that!

Somehow, we try to find time for it all. Some of us rely on systems, others use creativity. Some love to plan and organise, while others like to take things as they come. No two people are alike, but everyone has this in common: We all need to make our everyday work.

Swedish innovator, Anders, understood this when he created a very special gift for his wife, Paula, in 2006. In the course of a week, he created a completely customised organiser, one unlike any other and full of unique details. Word about this personalised planner started spreading among Paula’s friends - everyone seemed to want one! “There must be more people out there who’d love something like this”, Anders thought. And that idea was the spark that launched Personal Planner™. From Sweden, it spread to the world and into the everyday lives of thousands of people, who all wanted a custom planner created with their own one-of-a-kind personal style.

We know that each Personal Planner™ customer is completely unique, so we use our creativity to develop truly personal solutions. For many of our customers, their Personal Planner™ is at the very heart of their day. That’s why it’s so important for us to enable them to customise our products to suit their lives.

With the help of technology and customer insight, we provide the framework, tools, colours, patterns and everything else people around the world need to design their own personalised quality calendar. Regardless of whether they want to build their entire planner from scratch or just add small details that feel personal - they’ll find what they need with us.

We don’t set any rules or restrictions that limit our customers’ creativity - we give them the tools they need to express their own personalities. And it’s that focus on uniqueness that drives our product development and thinking.

No two Personal Planner™ users are exactly alike, but they all share a desire to create meaning, motivation and peace of mind in their busy everyday lives. That’s where we can help. And that’s why we greet you by saying: