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How to Motivate Kids with a Reward Chart

Use the Kids Reward Chart to empower your children to take responsibility for simpler tasks at home. Offer a small reward and create good routines the fun way!

Make That Student Aid Stretch the Whole Month

Student life = saving cents. Our Isabelle’s been there! Discover her tricks for making that financial aid last the whole month.

Customize Your Own Planner Stickers

Learn how to create your own custom stickers to use in your planner, organizer, or wall planner.

New Collection: Wildflowers

Have you ever dreamed of lying down in a meadow filled with soft, fragrant flowers? Well, we have, and that dream of summer blooms, gently swaying in the breeze, inspired our brand new design collection, Wildflowers.

How to Do a Digital Detox with Your Planner

A digital detox does wonders for your mind and soul. Learn how a detox can help you press your mental refresh button, and how to plan one in your Personal Planner.

New Collection: Lemonade

Are you feeling parched? Quench your thirst for style with our brand new collection! Check out our 6 vibrant & juicy planner covers and matching notepads – the perfect refreshment for the summer!

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