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A digital detox does wonders for your mind and soul. Learn how a detox can help you press your mental refresh button, and how to plan one in your Personal Planner.

How to Do a Digital Detox with Your Planner

A digital detox does wonders for your mind and soul. Learn how a detox can help you press your mental refresh button, and how to plan one in your Personal Planner.

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“Watching too much TV will make you square-eyed!” Hands up if you grew up hearing that from all the well meaning adults in your life. But although we’ve busted that myth since, the truth is your eyes, brain, and mental health are all affected negatively by too much screen time. Looking at something close range for long periods of time is straining for your eye muscles, a bit like a tough workout session. You’re probably familiar with the feeling of fatigue and often also headaches that follow after a workday in front of the computer screen - all of these are symtoms of too much screen time.

Swedish psychiatrist Anders Hansen has written several books on how the brain works, including “Screen Brain: How a Brain Out of Sync with Its Time Can Make Us Stressed, Depressed, and Anxious.” He argues that our brains haven’t kept up with the fast pace of technological advancements in our modern society. That means our brains aren’t adapted to handle the overwhelming amount of information and screen time we’re exposed to today, leading to high levels of stress - both for your brain as well as the rest of your body.

Reducing screen time and taking a digital detox is super beneficial for your eyes, body, and mind. Using a physical planner is a great first step towards a digital detox, where you take a conscious break from the digital world for a while. Writing down notes by hand and planning your life in an analogue way instead of relying on digital tools automatically reduces the time spent in front of the blue screen light. This simple practice can improve your sleep and lower your stress levels in your daily life. And it’s quite an easy and accessible thing to do, too: no fancy tools or expensive new toys required here!

But hey, we know it’s not easy to completely disconnect from the digital world. Many of us have jobs that require long hours in front of a screen, and we might not be able to avoid that (don’t want to upset the boss, right?). But try to skip the screen whenever you can; perhaps in the evenings or at some point during the weekend would work for you. Because, as we’ll soon see, reducing our screen time has a few other advantages too.

Why Should You Skip the Screen and Do a Digital Detox instead?

  • When you decrease screen time, you give yourself more time to relax. You might think that scrolling on your phone is relaxing… but we promise that once you try a detox, you’ll soon find that it becomes easier to think deeply and be more present in the moment. Instead of all that time lost to mindless scrolling, you free up time for activities that boost your endorphins and emotional wellbeing. Things like exercise, hobbies, and spending time with friends and family. Things you love and know are good for you!

  • A digital detox will improve your mental health. Social media and other social platforms often contribute to feelings of comparison, FOMO (fear of missing out), and anxiety. Taking a break from social media specifically can provide a mental reset, allowing you to focus on yourself and reduce anxiety and other negative emotions.

  • Ditching your phone makes you more productive and creative. Yes, it’s true, and it’s totally fascinating! During a digital detox, you’ll notice that your productivity and creativity will increase in whatever it is you’re doing. This is because you eliminate the constant distractions that screens and the digital world bring, allowing your brain to recharge and focus entirely on what’s at hand.

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How do You Plan a Digital Detox in Your Planner?

Try to estimate how much time have you’ve spent in front of a screen today, this week, or this month. It’s probably quite a lot, right? Now think about how you can take a digital detox and reduce your screen time, or why not try having a completely screen free day? A clever trick is to use your planner to schedule your digital detox in these 3 steps:

  1. Plan a specific day and time when you’ll log out from the digital world and decide how long your detox will last. Highlight that time in your planner, add inspiring quotes, and make it your own personal event!

  2. Take a few moments to reflect on why you’ve decided to skip the screen. When motivation runs low, this is what will keep you going! It can also be helpful to write down some tips for different activities to do during your detox to keep yourself occupied.

  3. Write down how you feel during and after your digital detox. Reflect on your emotions and thoughts, and save your notes for the next time.

Keep up with your digital detox at regular intervals or whenever you feel the need. Maybe you can skip the screen for a little longer each time? Give it a shot! We promise it’ll get easier with each time. Good luck!

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