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Use the Kids Reward Chart to empower your children to take responsibility for simpler tasks at home. Offer a small reward and create good routines the fun way!

How to Motivate Kids with a Reward Chart

Use the Kids Reward Chart to empower your children to take responsibility for simpler tasks at home. Offer a small reward and create good routines the fun way!

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As a parent, you’re constantly juggling multiple responsibilities. There’s the weekday routine of pick-ups and drop-offs, dinners and lunchboxes, homework and toothbrushing - not to mention you might also have a job outside the house to attend to. Whew!

It’s easy to fall into a habit of nagging, resulting in frustrated kids and parents alike. Enter the Kids Reward Chart - a fun way to establish routines and motivate younger kids to take responsibility for tasks themselves!


How to Use the Kids Reward Chart

  • The Kids Reward Chart is designed for parents with one or more younger-aged children (use it on teenagers at your own risk!). Use one sheet per week; each sheet can cater for up to three children. If you have more kids, simply tear out and use more sheets.

  • Write the kids’s names in the numbered boxes, how many points they aim to get, and what the reward will be if they reach their goal. Under the “task” column, list the tasks to be completed, like brushing teeth.

  • Every day that your kid or kids complete a task, mark it in the circle - either with a cross, a star, or a little sticker. Each mark equals 1 point! These circles fit all our Minis stickers. Let the kids paste their own favorites whenever they complete a task. (Psst! We include one sticker sheet (Minis) in every planner and organizer order - and they fit this chart perfectly!)

  • At the end of the week, tally up the points your kids have earned. If they reach their weekly goal, it’s reward time!

Remember that a reward doesn’t have to be an inflatable castle, unlimited cotton candy, or a pony. The main thing is that it’s something fun they can look forward to. Maybe staying up an extra hour on the weekend, baking a treat, roasting marshmallows, or having a family movie night with popcorn? Pick something that works for your family!

If you know of one or more recurring tasks over the weeks, you might want to design your own custom stickers. It’s up to you to pick both text and color to suit whatever you and your kids love!

When you create custom stickers, you also have a number of symbols to choose from. A great tip is to pick symbols that match the tasks. For example, if the task is to pack a school bag, choose a bag symbol. Place this symbol in the task column. Using stickers with symbols that depict the child’s task is great for kiddies who can’t yet read. This way, they understand the task and can start connecting letters with pictures.


Some Task Suggestions for the Kids Reward Chart

  • Brush teeth

  • Pack gym bag

  • Do homework

  • Put laundry in the basket

  • Stay at the dinner table until everyone’s done

  • Load the dishwasher

  • Say “thank you for the food”

  • Tidy up their room

  • No fighting!

Choose tasks that are at a suitable level for your kids, and let the Reward Chart serve as a little helping hand in establishing solid routines in your everyday life. Good luck!


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