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Balancing life’s endless to-dos and wishing for a breather? We get it. Enter the Self-Care Book: your peaceful oasis in the everyday chaos.

Care for You with the Self-Care Book

Balancing life’s endless to-dos and wishing for a breather? We get it. Enter the Self-Care Book: your peaceful oasis in the everyday chaos.

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Ever feel like your days are on fast forward? Life’s tasks and to-do’s on one side, goals and dreams on the other - and you’re caught right in the middle. That’s where the Self-Care Book comes in: see it as your personal pause button. Let’s delve deeper into all the fantastic features it has to offer.


Embracing Wellness: Your Guide to the Self-Care Book

The Self-Care book offers a whole range of wonderful themed pages, each serving a specific purpose. Explore them all below!

Yearly Overview
Starting with this annual overview, step back and take in the big picture. Mark out key events and get a visual summary of your year, and next year too! It’s your life at a glance.

Themed page Year overview in the Self-Care Book

Yearly Reflection
This section offers a chance to ponder the past year. What went well? What could have been better? The guiding questions will help you remember, reflect on experiences, and recall achievements. Come back to this page from time to time to remind yourself of what you’ve achieved, and don’t forget to celebrate it all!

Themed page Yearly Reflection in the Self-Care Book

Lined Pages
From ‘I-can-do-this’ lists to midnight musings, these pages are your blank (well, lined) canvas.

The Lined themed page in the Self-Care Book

Monthly Goals
Set them, break them down, and don’t forget to treat yourself when you tick them off! The great thing with this themed page is that it gives you the chance to break down bigger yearly goals into bite sized chunks, and pause to reflect on your way to the greater goal.

Themed page Monthly Goals in the Self-Care Book

Every Day Gratitude
Some days it feels like you’re on a mad merry-go-round. The Daily Gratitude pages help you press pause, and take a grounding moment in a spinning world. What are you thankful for today? Stop, think, and express. A few words can be potent reminders.

Themed page Every Day Gratitude in the Self-Care Book

One Line a Day
A mini diary entry, without the commitment of writing a long, descriptive text about your day. Jot down whatever bubbles up!

Themed page One-Line-A-Day Journal in the Self-Care Book

Self-Care Journal
Many of us find it hard to set aside time for regular self-care, even if we believe we have decent routines. Curious to see how you’re doing? Fill in your Self-Care Journal monthly. By the end of the month, you’ll be able to see what your wellbeing routine actually looks like and what areas might need a bit more attention.

Themed page Self-Care Journal in the Self-Care Book

Habit & Mood Tracker
Ever tried tracking your moods alongside your habits? Connect the dots between how you feel and what you do with the help of these monthly tracker pages, consisting of two different parts. Start by tracking your habits on the left page. This could be anything you want to keep an eye on, both good and bad: sleep, water intake, sugar consumption, exercise etc.

On the right hand page, you record your daily moods, assigning a different color to each one. After one month, you should be able to start seeing patterns between your habits and how they impact your moods - and make conscious decisions about what habits to ditch or develop further.

Themed page Habit & Mood Tracker in the Self-Care Book

Workout 1
Sometimes it can be hard to find motivation to exercise. Use our themed page Workout 1 to encourage you in your health journey by logging your physical activity – everything counts, from a gentle walk to intensive training. Track your progress, witness your growth, and cheer yourself on. Go team you!

Themed page Workout 1 in the Self-Care Book

Coloring Pages
Coloring is a simple and accessible path to everyday mindfulness. Engaging in this activity helps us be more present in the now, as we focus on the act of applying color to an illustration. That’s why we’ve included these pages in the Self-Care Book. Invite moments of mindfulness in your day, free your mind, and let the colors take over!

Themed page Coloring pages in the Self-Care Book

Fill with Patterns
Got a black pen and a minute to sit down and unwind? Then these pages, Fill with Patterns, are the perfect thing! The big illustration is already there; you just have to embellish it with patterns - be it dots, lines, or doodles of your own invention! We love using black Uni Pin fineliners for this.

Themed page Fill with Patterns  in the Self-Care Book

At the end of the day, the Self-Care Book is YOUR space. It’s designed to focus on YOU. Because, remember: there’s only one of you, and you're pretty darn special!


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