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There’s over 70 themed pages you can pick & choose from, to add to your planner or Mixbook. Explore all the different categories and discover a few new faves in this walk-through!

Guide to All Our Themed Pages

There’s over 70 themed pages you can pick & choose from, to add to your planner or Mixbook. Explore all the different categories and discover a few new faves in this walk-through!


Did you know that you can pick and choose between over 70 different themed pages to add to your planner or Mixbook? We’ve divided these pages into different categories to give you a good overview of what’s available, and so you can find your faves quickly when designing your book.

Category: Overview
If you like to plan well ahead of time, this category has your name all over it! Here’s where you’ll find yearly overviews in different designs and layouts, and if you’re designing a Mixbook, it’s where you’ll find the Monthly Overview, available with a Monday or a Sunday start.

Category: Clean Space
If you’re constantly tidying up at home, or if you’d benefit from a gentle nudge to start decluttering a bit, this category is for you! Choose between Cleaning Schedule, Declutter Your Home, and Organize Your Home. These pages will help you focus on one space at the time, with instructions and visual guides that take you through a solid checklist. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Category: Health, Goals & Mind
This category contains pages that focus on your wellbeing. Here you’ll find pages that help you set realistic goals and steps to achieving them. Or why not focus on your physical health by pairing the workout pages with the meal planning pages? That way you can be sure you’re getting enough good energy so you can perform at your best. Or maybe you need some mindfulness in your day-to-day; try pages Daily Gratitude, One Line a Day, Self-Care Journal, and Yearly Reflection. They will provide you with a space to write down your thoughts, prioritize your wellbeing, and reflect over the past as well as the coming year.

Category: Listor
List lovers, unite! This category is full of lovely lists, all in different designs and layouts, so have a good look around to find what makes your list loving heart skip a beat. If you’re into writing down addresses the good old analogue way, you’ll find a great page for that here too.

Category: Trackers
These are very exciting pages if you love tracking your moods and your habits, then finding connections between them. There’s lots of trackers to choose from so you can mix them as you like! Perhaps you’re a real bookworm, or enjoy binge watching your fave series on the weekend? Try pages Books to Read and Watchlist, where you can enter a short review of what you’ve read and watched, and can share tips with your friends next time they ask!

Further reading: Learn more about habit & mood tracking, and get our free printables.

Category: Travel
Calling all globetrotters! Are you planning a gap year or a big city weekend? Or perhaps you want to remember what happened on your last trip? These pages will help you with everything from packing lists and to do’s before departure, to creating a wonderful overview of the places you’ve visited by coloring the countries in the world map. You could also use these pages as a scrapbook to collect mementos of your globetrotting adventures.

Category: Budget
Money and finances might not be everyone’s favorite subject, but it’s one that affects all of us. See these pages as a help to get on top of your finances, using the monthly budgets and savings habit builder to spur you on. These pages are immensely popular and loved by many!

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Category: Student
These pages are tailor-made to suit the busy days of a student. Here you’ll find useful and practical pages where you can fill in your schedule, track your grades, plan projects, and more.

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Category: Teacher
Our ever-popular and practical teacher themed pages, developed in collaboration with teachers, feature dedicated pages for lesson and project planning, grade trackers, schedules and more, all for a successful year of educating young minds.

Category: Creative
Need a brain break? Get creative! We’ve put together a few different pages to help you relax and create something with your hands. Try our coloring pages, One Doodle a Day, Bullet Journal, Knitting & Crochet Log - there’s something for everyone here!

Further reading: Guide to Our Creative Pages

Category: Ruled
If you want to create space for notes in your planner, this is where you’ll find ruled, blank, and dot grid pages, as well as squared and graph paper. Perfect for getting started on your next novel, jotting down your gran’s brownie recipe, or just doodling during a boring lecture.

Let’s hope you’ve got a better hang of the wide range of themed pages available to you, and that you’ve found a few new faves to add to your next planner, organizer, or Mixbook!

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