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Get 3 expert tips on budgeting & saving, from our very own CFO, Stina. Put your knowledge into action with a free budget printable here today!

Learn to Budget like a CFO in 3 Steps

Get 3 expert tips on budgeting & saving, from our very own CFO, Stina. Put your knowledge into action with a free budget printable here today!

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In these shaky times, many of us are probably thinking a little extra about how we spend our hard-earned bucks - and perhaps even wonder where it all goes so quickly!

Our brilliant chief financial officer, Stina, shares some practical tips on budgeting and saving below, where you can also download a monthly budget template.



1. Revise Your Income
• Save a set amount each month toward longer-term goals, e.g. a house or trips. Additionally, it’s wise to have an emergency fund or buffer in case anything unexpected happens, like your freezer or your car breaking down.
• Try renting out things you don’t use very often - think tools, or even art! You could also consider renting out your home if you’re away on vacation a couple of weeks or more every year.
• Do you have any things kicking around your house that you don’t use or need any more? SELL THEM.

2. Revise Your Expenses
• Find out how much you really spend each month on subscriptions, streaming services, electricity, insurance, mortgage etc. Compare prices between service providers, and dare to negotiate! It’s a great opportunity to save quite a lot of money every year.
• Never spend money you don’t have! Small loans and credit can quickly become a debt trap.
• Revise your food spend! Would you benefit from eating out less often, and eat a packed lunch instead?

Try our budget planner pages and get on top of your personal finances this year. You can add them at the back of your planner, or create an entire Budgeting Book in a Mixbook.


3. Create a Monthly Budget
• Our predesigned Budget Planner pages are a brilliant tool for getting started with a monthly budget and sticking to it. These pages provide a clear structure and make it easy to track your consumption patterns.
• I use my Budget Planner for tracking smaller goals that I can check on each month. I plan my purchases here in advance, to avoid any spontaneous or unnecessary ones. If I know I’m going to need a new jacket in October, then that’ll be in my budget already, says Stina.


The most important thing to remember is that it’s never too late to get on top of your finances, and to start steering them the way you want! It can feel like an uphill battle in the beginning, but once you take off with your savings, you’ll realise what a great habit this is! And don’t forget that it’s always OK to ask for help. I promise you that there’s lots of people around you, including on social media, that you can learn much from, says Stina.

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