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How do you plan your study sessions with a Personal Planner? Study smarter with our tips on organising your study time in your calendar!

Organising Study Time in Your Personal Planner

How do you plan your study sessions with a Personal Planner? Study smarter with our tips on organising your study time in your calendar!

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The winds of knowledge are blowing, and schools and universities are opening their doors for the new term one by one. Isn't it a bit of a sign that the words "study," "plan," and "organise" harmonise so well? Harnessing the power of your planner to efficiently organise your study time is a fantastic method to sidestep those last-minute cram sessions and exam woes. With this in mind, we have a treasure trove of tips to help you plan your studies in your Personal Planner!

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How to Organise Your Studies in Your Planner

  • Limit Study Sessions to 1-hour Blocks
    No need for marathon study sessions! Planning shorter bursts of study, limited to just 1 hour, can help sharpen your focus. Plus, it's easier to slot these shorter study blocks even into your busiest days.

  • Time blocking
    Time blocking is a strategy where you break down your day into time blocks dedicated to certain tasks. Try to anticipate how long each task might take you, then block that time in your planner. Need to read a chapter, type up lecture notes, or test yourself for next week's exam? Blocking out your day can elevate your productivity, minimise distractions, and enhance focus.

  • Design Your Own Study Schedule
    Creating a personalised study schedule isn't just functional – it's fun, too! Make a schedule using grid or dot grid paper, or use our ready-made schedule templates that you can simply fill in. Pop it into a storage pocket so you always know where to find it.

  • Color Code Your Subjects
    Color coding subjects or tasks is a tried-and-true technique. Decide on a color for each subject. For instance, blue could represent math. When planning a math lesson or study session in your planner, color code that time in blue. This trains your brain to quickly identify subjects or tasks by color.

    Associating a subject with a particular color provides a great overview of what needs studying and when. And who doesn't love a colourful planner? Grab vibrant highlighters, fineliners, or erasable FriXion pens for any revisions.


  • Break Your Studies into Manageable Bits
    If you're facing a major exam, it's a good idea to break up your study time into smaller chunks. Plan ahead! Say you have an exam on the 31st of October. How comprehensive is the exam, and how much study time is needed weekly? Two hours, four, or more? Log this time in your planner and break down the weeks and hours further, like "read chapter 1," "type up notes," or "take a quiz." This will give you a robust plan leading up to the exam.

  • Schedule Breaks and Stick to Them
    Don't forget those breaks! Your brain craves oxygen to stay sharp and to absorb what you've learned. Pencil in regular breaks, ideally with some movement or outdoor time.

Planning your studies is more enjoyable with personal accessories! Equip yourself with pens, stickers, rulers, sticky notes, and other study essentials to prepare for the semester's adventures. You can even create your own custom stickers that suit your student life, adding an extra flair to your planning!


What's your top study planning tip? Tag us on social media (@personalplanner #itsprettypersonal) to share your wisdom! Craving more savvy study planning insights? Check out this article: Top 3 Tips to Structure Your Studies in Your Planner!

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