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How do you make your own custom planner? There’s a ton of options to pick from when designing a personalized planner. Let us guide you through the process with this manual!

How Do You Make Your Own Planner? Here’s Your Guide!

How do you make your own custom planner? There’s a ton of options to pick from when designing a personalized planner. Let us guide you through the process with this manual!


Ever dreamt of making your very own personalized planner, tailored exactly to your tastes and needs? At Personal Planner, we love turning your dreams into reality, helping you create a unique planner that reflects your life and suits your needs perfectly. When you design your planner with us, you get to make lots of fun choices, both for the inside and the outside of your book.


Making choices can be tricky, so to help you out, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to walk you through the process of creating your own planner. Download the full manual as a PDF to access clever tips and learn about all our fab features!

Check out our YouTube video where we show you the entire manual, and read more about the different parts here.

An Overview of The Planner Guide - How To Make a Personal Planner

Curious to know more? Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

  1. Size & Date Range
    In this first section, you get to know the basics of creating your Personal Planner. We start by introducing you to all our planner sizes: Mini, Square, Wide, Classic A5, and Big A4. We also offer an unbound organiser to pop into a ring binder. This section will help you understand which planner suits you best, based on your preferences and how you plan to use it.

    You’ll also get an overview of the five main parts of the planner: the front cover, owner’s page, calendar section, themed pages, and back cover. Which month would you like to start with? You pick! 3, 6, 9, 12, or 13 months: How long do you want the calendar section to run for? All this will be explained in this section. Download the first part and get started!


    An organiser

  3. Cover Design & Product Info
    Are you curious about what’s included in your package besides your tailor made planner, or how we commit to using the best, eco-certified, and sustainable paper for our diaries? Then this section’s for you. We’ll also share some nifty tips on what to jot down on the owner’s page, as well as a few things to think about when designing your planner’s front cover.


  5. Calendar Section
    The calendar section is the heart of your planner. It’s here you really get to customize it, down to the smallest detail. Choose how many months you want your calendar to run for, select language and national holidays, add personal dates, pick your layout and design for your weekly spreads, modules, daily details, and more. With virtually unlimited customization options for this section, the list goes on.

    This is your opportunity to create a truly unique planner that suits your life and situation perfectly - let us guide you through all the fabulous features on offer!


  7. Themed Pages
    Choosing the themed pages is the final touch in creating your planner. This is where you get to pick what personal, practical, and creative pages you want to add at the end of your planner - at no extra cost. Choose from a range of yearly overviews, as well as planning pages like budgeting, organization, and meal prep. Or why not track your wellness journey with habit and mood trackers, and spark your imagination with pages that help unleash your creativity?


    With more than 60 themed pages to choose from, this section is your key to truly tailoring and optimizing your planner!

  8. A planner

  9. Behind the Scenes
    Once you’ve designed your planner and clicked that order button, it’s over to our printing team. Crafting your planner is a collaborative effort, involving many skilled hands. In the final section of our guide, we take you on a journey from your digital creation to your analogue dream: your Perfect Planner. Here, you can also take a virtual tour of our printing facility and watch the entire process firsthand.




Feeling inspired and ready to create your next planner or organiser? Design your new bestie today!



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