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Struggling to find the perfect gift for the person who has everything? How about the gift of time - in the shape of a custom planner! Design it yourself or get a gift card.

The Perfect Present for the One Who Has It All? Time!

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the person who has everything? How about the gift of time - in the shape of a custom planner! Design it yourself or get a gift card.

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Ever wondered what to gift someone who claims they “need nothing” because they “have it all”? We all know that special someone who makes our hearts warm but our gift-search hard. But guess what? We’ve got a magical solution that’ll slide down the chimney with ease!

What’s more personal than gifting something we all wish we had more of, regardless of what’s already under the tree? Time, of course! And how do you gift time? With a planner!

3 Personalized Gift Ideas

Whether it’s about making the most of every moment, saving some precious seconds, or finding those elusive free slots, a custom planner will solve all these things.

Design the cover, pick the layout, sprinkle in some personal touches, and voilà – you’ve got the ultimate thoughtful gift that’ll help them organize their life in style!

  • A Classic Planner
    Craft a classic – a life compass that lasts up to 13 months. Tailor it down to the very last detail to fit the lucky recipient to a T. From the cover design to the weekly layouts, personal dates, modules and more, our classic Personal Planner is as perfect a match as you make it.

    For the artsy friend, the number crunching budgeter, or the minimalist in your life, remember to explore our huge range of themed pages to find just the right combination. Design a Planner!

  • A Sturdy Organizer
    An organizer is as timeless as it is chic. Customize the inlay, i.e. all the pages, with layouts, timetables, themed pages, and more.

    Know the recipient’s favorite color? Match the binder in a shade that’ll make them smile every time they plan their day. Our organizer inlay fits perfectly as a refill in an A5 Filofax ring binder too.
    Create an Organizer!

  • The Wall Planner – A Family Fave for the Holidays
    Looking for a family gift? A wall planner is the way to go. Allocate a column for each member, pop in photos and birthdays, and bring a little order to their weeks. Cuztomize a Wall Planner!

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Give a Personalized Gift Card

When you’re stumped on what to get for that person who’d rather decide everything themselves, a gift card is your lifesaver. Let them have the reins and design their planner, aka holiday gift, their way!


Isn’t that a tad boring though, giving a gift card..? Nope, quite the opposite, we think. It’s a win-win situation, where you’ve put in time and effort to find a special gift, but also give the recipient the opportunity to participate in the gift making. Special!

A photo calendar and five gifts in front of an open fire

Photo Calendar – A Gift of Memories

For a gift that’s truly from the heart, nothing beats a Photo Calendar. Collect personal photos that tell a story, from kiddie giggles to sunset kisses, and craft a calendar that’s a gallery of memories.


There you have it! From the click of a button to under the Christmas tree, your search for the perfect present is just a few personal touches away. Let’s make this holiday season one to remember – one planner at a time!

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