A message from us to you, as we navigate COVID-19

Dear friend,
The whole world around us is storming.

No one could have anticipated what all of us are going through today, nor imagined the impact coronavirus is having in every area of our lives.

In these uncertain times, we want you to know that we haven't changed one bit. Our commitment to you remains the same: from providing cutting-edge tools to help you create beautiful custom planners and mixbooks, to delivering the highest standard of service all the way to your doorstep - for us, none of this has changed.

Our printing company in Sweden, continue their operations as normal. In addition to rigorous hygiene routines - including regular hand washing and hand sanitizing - printing shifts are now staggered, meaning less people in the same space at one time. The normal production of Personal Planner™ products is in no way affected by these changes.

However, due to COVID-19, delays in delivery may occur. Thank you for your patience during these difficult times, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries about your order.

As far as the service team at Personal Planner™ HQ is concerned, we're dedicated to your wellbeing, today and always.

In these uncertain times, we want to give you the comfort of predictability.

In the face of constant change, we want to give you the familiarity of a sound routine.

And in the midst of social distancing, we want to welcome you to our wonderful, virtual community of like-minded planners and organizers.

For as long as this pandemic lasts, we'll make sure to offer you motivation, inspiration and practical tools to do life at home. From tips for working from home and homeschooling, to mindfulness strategies and boredom busters - we promise we'll serve you our very best content, with a smile on our face and a twinkle in our eyes!

We're in this together.

Love from the Personal Planner™ team