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Bullet Journaling: How To’s & Tutorials

Love bullet journaling or curious to give it a try? Access all our inspiring resources here: beginners video course, tutorials, free printables and more!

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If you’ve been anywhere around the interwebs lately, you’ll no doubt have noticed the super trend that is bullet journaling - or bujo, for short - has been for a while now. And that’s no surprise, considering what a robust planning system bullet journal offers, while still leaving tons of room for creativity and for you to express your personality.

Have a peek at this video below to see all you need to get started on your own bujo, as well as some cute doodle ideas! (Our Sofie is using a hybrid “Bullet Journal Planner” in this video, available to order here.)

In this roundup article, we’ll guide you through the basics of bullet journaling and progress all the way to professional-looking lettering, doodling and habit tracking. Keep reading to access short how to’s and tutorials, download our printables, and get tons and tons of inspo!

How to Set Up a Bullet Journal in Your Mixbook™ - A Beginner’s Visual Guide
Bullet journaling is the ever popular planning system, with unlimited possibilities for customization and creativity. Find out which pages you need for setting up your own bullet journal - both hand drawn as well as predesigned pages - in this simple beginner’s guide to bullet journaling.

Big Pen Guide: Tips, Tests and Tutorials with Lettering Artist @fialottajanssondesign
Watch lettering artist Sofie Björkgren-Näse (@fialottajanssondesign) in action, find out about our new gorgeous pens in our big pen test, and learn how to create some lovely brush lettering in your planner! And because practice makes perfect, we also have a great printable brush letter practice sheet for you to download for free this week. Watch Sofie’s tutorial and pen guide here.

Lettering for Beginners - VIDEO COURSE
Anyone can learn to letter! With the help of lettering artist Sofie Björkgren-Näse you'll be guided through the basics of this craft, step-by-step, in our free video course. See all five videos here, and start pimping your planner with fun letterforms!

Guide to Bullet Journaling - VIDEO COURSE
Bullet journaling is all the rage, all over social media right now. But how does it work? And could this be your path to Organization & Productivity Nirvana? :) Find out in our free video course, with Anna Janises!

Flower Doodles
Learn to doodle simple, pretty plants in less than 60 secs, with artist @Kitoremi.

Decorating a Planner Spread with @Studyrella
Join sweet Corinne, from @Studyrella, as she shows us how she decorates a week in her Personal Planner™.

Inspo Guide to the Bujo Planner - 10 Ideas for Your Bullet Journal Spreads
In a visual guide to our Bullet Journal Planner, brilliant bujoist Julia Strycek shares 10 great ideas for your bullet journal spreads. Get ready to get inspired!

Bullet Journaling in a Personal Planner - 10 Fun Ideas
Have you discovered the Bujo Planner yet? One of our most asked-for layouts options ever, this planner lends itself perfectly to the art of bullet journaling. Check out these 10 ideas for a bujo planner spread, by Nicki and Felicia Montan.

Guide To Our “Best of Both” Planner Spreads
Being one of our most popular planner inlays, the “Best of Both” layout deserves a proper guide, we think: where you find these layout options, what the different variations look like, as well as some inspiration for how you can use them together with the calendar part. Are you ready to see some really lovely ideas? Let’s go!

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THE MIXBOOK™ - A Visual Guide to Mixing an Epic Mixbook™

What do you get if you mix the back pages of a Personal Planner™ with a notebook? You get an epic, one-of-a-kind Mixbook™! Build your own notebook, combining all your favorites among our pre-designed fun and functional pages. Just select your Mixbook™ size, and start mixing!

Simple Ways to Look After Your Mental Health - Free Printables

With one in every four adults affected by some kind of mental health condition today, it's about time we dropped the stigma and started talking about it instead! We’ve put together all our available resources into one big article so you can find them easily. Here, you’ll learn how you can boost your wellbeing through simple practices like journaling, mindfulness, gratitude, coloring and more. Read on to get inspired, and make sure you download our fun freebies and practical printables, too!

Bullet Journaling: How To’s & Tutorials

Love bullet journaling or curious to give it a try? Access all our inspiring resources here: beginners video course, tutorials, free printables and more!

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