Bullet Journal

Planner Classic A5

Bullet Journal

Planner Classic A5
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Product Information
  • Size Classic A5, 5.8x8 in.
  • 160 pages
  • 130 g eco-friendly FSC paper
  • Quote on owner's page
  • Left vertical weekly layout
  • Modules: Color-in
  • Year overview 2021, 4 pages
  • List 1, 4 pages
  • Meal Planner, 2 pages
  • Tracker Playful 1, 2 pages
  • Tracker Playful 2, 2 pages
  • Tracker Books & Movies, 2 pages
  • Tracker Monthly, 6 pages
  • Tracker Yearly, 4 pages
  • Dotted, 22 pages
  • White elastic closure
  • Plastic pocket
  • White ruler

Bullet Journal

Are you completely new to bullet journaling or a skilled bujo artist already? Whatever your level, a Bullet Journal Planner might be just the thing for you!

As a newbie to the world of bullet journaling, you’ll benefit from the pre-printed weekly structure that the Best-of-Both inlay provides on the left page. On the right, you’ll be able to unleash your creativity, trying out all kids of bullet journal ideas: headers, titles, collections and doodles!

In the back pages we’ve crammed in all the collections and trackers imaginable to a bujo lover! Here you’ll find playful tracking oceans and trees, movie trackers and bookshelves for reading lists, as well as more traditional habit trackers that’ll give you a visual overview in pixels of your monthly and yearly habits.

Just add your name on the cover, select your starting month, and make this Bullet Journal Planner totally yours!

Curious to know more about the basics of bullet journaling? Watch our Guide to Bullet Journaling on our blog, Tips & Tricks - perfect for bujo beginners!

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