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How to Do a Digital Detox with Your Planner

A digital detox does wonders for your mind and soul. Learn how a detox can help you press your mental refresh button, and how to plan one in your Personal Planner.

Bullet Journaling in a Personal Planner - 10 Fun Ideas

Have you discovered the Bujo Planner yet? One of our most asked-for layouts options ever, this planner lends itself perfectly to the art of bullet journaling. Check out these 10 ideas for a bujo planner spread, by Nicki and Felicia Montan. 📝

Learn to Budget like a CFO in 3 Steps

Get 3 expert tips on budgeting & saving, from our very own CFO, Stina. Put your knowledge into action with a free budget printable here today!

New Feature: Selection of Date Range

You can now decide whether you want your planner to run for 3, 6, 9, 12 or 13 months. Learn how here.

Yearly Review - Reflection Worksheet

With 2022 drawing to a close, what better time to reflect over this past year? Download our printable reflection worksheet today!

Personal Planner & Diary 2023

Which 2023 planner suits you best? Customize an organizer along with a stylish ring binder, or design a personal planner to suit your lifestyle perfectly. Learn more about our 2023 planners and diaries here!

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