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How to Save Money (and the Planet) with the Meal Planner - Freebie

Struggling to come up with dinner ideas? Stuck in the same repetitive mac-n-cheese, spag bol and frozen pizza wheel of tired weeknight meals? We’ve all been there. Learn how our Menu Planner can help you organize your menu better and, when paired with our Budget Planner, save money at the same time! Simply genius.

How to Take Control of Your Spending in 2021 - FREEBIE

We’re half-way through what is usually considered to be the poorest month of the year. Here we’ll share our best tips and tools to make January the month you get on top of your finances instead. Check out our budget planner pages and money saving trackers to add to your Personal Planner™ or Mixbook™!

Stress-free Weeknight Dinners with Your Mixbook™ and Some Clever Sticky Notes

Pair our wonderfully versatile Mixbook™ with our sticky notes, Stuck on You, and save yourself some weeknight stress. Today we’ll tell you how these under-rated everyday heroes can help you eat better and healthier, and reduce costs and food waste at the same time. And as a bonus feature, you can download our popular Meal Planner at the end of the article. Enjoy!

2021 Calendar - Free Printable

Here's our New Year's gift to you: a stylish little calendar for you to print out and put on the wall!

How to Set Heart Goals that Matter - 5 Practical Steps

Setting goals for the year ahead, knowing what this past year has been like, could perhaps feel overwhelming. But we’re here to encourage you to look inwards, and to set goals that resonate with your heart. What are you passionate about and would like to develop, bit by bit, in the next year? Keep reading to learn more about 5 useful steps to finding your heart reason.

The Student Planner - 5 Tips to Plan Your Studies

With a new academic year approaching fast, some of us might already be worrying about how to stay on top of it all: studies, work, commitments... Our content producer, Jemima, is no stranger to juggling all these things, while still meeting deadlines like a total pro. With the help of her trusty Student Planner and some great practical tools, Jemima has the secret sauce to study success, we think. Read her 5 brilliant study tips below, and get ready for a great new term at school or university!

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