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How to Motivate Kids with a Reward Chart

Use the Kids Reward Chart to empower your children to take responsibility for simpler tasks at home. Offer a small reward and create good routines the fun way!

How to Customize a Planner to Work for You - 4 ways

The beauty of the Personal Planner is that you design it to fit your life, not the other way around. Learn how you customize its pages to work for your situation!

5 Features a Teacher Planner Needs

Lessons, exams, and your private life - being a teacher involves a whole lot of planning. Learn 5 things a Teacher Planner has to include, and explore ours here!

5 Must-Have Features in a Student Planner

Lessons, study sessions, exams… Keeping track of it all can be hectic! Having the best Student Planner at your side is the first step towards academic success.

Academic Year Overview 23/24 - Free Printable

Get on top of the academic year 23/24 with our free calendar printable. Download, print out, and hang it up on the wall - both pretty and practical!

Cleaning in Chunks - Cleaning Cycle Schedule

Make cleaning more manageable, and perhaps even more enjoyable, by dividing it into smaller chunks. Get our free printable Cleaning Cycle here!

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