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Mindfulness is a simple yet powerful practice you can use to look after yourself and boost your wellbeing. Here, you’ll find articles with practical tips on how to weave moments of mindfulness into your everyday life, and prioritise your wellbeing.

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Care for You with the Self-Care Book

Balancing life’s endless to-dos and wishing for a breather? We get it. Enter the Self-Care Book: your peaceful oasis in the everyday chaos.

How to Do a Digital Detox with Your Planner

A digital detox does wonders for your mind and soul. Learn how a detox can help you press your mental refresh button, and how to plan one in your Personal Planner.

Creativity + Mental Health = True Love (+ FREEBIE)

Tapping into our creativity without demands or expectations is great for our mental wellbeing. Practice some creative relaxation with this free printable.

Journaling for Mental Health - 5 Reasons Why

Journaling can be a brilliant tool for managing mental health. Read on to learn 5 reasons why journaling is so good for your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Simple Ways to Look After Your Mental Health - Free Printables

Learn how you can boost your wellbeing through simple practices like journaling, mindfulness, gratitude & more. Fun freebies & practical printables inside!

From City Living to Slow Living: Downshifting to a Sustainable Lifestyle

Follow Sophia & Mike Miracolo (@liveslowrunfar) on their transatlantic move from New York city to the Swedish countryside, in search of an intentionally slower lifestyle.

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