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Simple Ways to Look After Your Mental Health - Free Printables

Learn how you can boost your wellbeing through simple practices like journaling, mindfulness, gratitude & more. Fun freebies & practical printables inside!

From City Living to Slow Living: Downshifting to a Sustainable Lifestyle

Follow Sophia & Mike Miracolo (@liveslowrunfar) on their transatlantic move from New York city to the Swedish countryside, in search of an intentionally slower lifestyle.

Reconnect with Yourself through Journaling - 3 Simple Ways

What are some of the benefits of journaling, and how come this is such a popular self-care tool? Keep reading to learn more about different ways of journaling and how to use your Mixbook™ for this.

Self-Care Bingo - Free Printable

We wanted to send you something that made YOU think about YOU. What you need, what you want, what makes you feel good in these times. So here’s a lovely Self-Care Bingo, from us to you.

So whether sleeping in on a weekday morning or slapping on a DIY face mask in the middle of the day is what winds you down, make it a priority this week to take care of YOU.

Simple but Powerful Ways to Practice Gratitude Every Day

You’ve probably heard how great a gratitude practise is for our overall wellbeing.

But how do we bring it into our everyday, and express it to those we love? Let’s look at some simple, practical ways of practising thankfulness in our lives.

One Month of Gratitude - Download Our Free Gratitude Log!


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