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Create Your Personalized Calendar for 2024

Customize every detail, start date, content, and craft a calendar that suits you perfectly. Make each day special with a personalized calendar from Personal Planner

Which Personal Calendar Is Right for You?

Life is different for everyone, and it changes through different stages. That’s why with us you can pick the type of calendar that suits you best, or even mix and match a few depending on your needs. And remember - no matter which calendar you choose, you can always customize it to be perfectly tailored just for you!

These are the different types of calendars and diaries available at Personal Planner:

  • Personal Planner – A classic calendar available in five sizes. Ideal if you’re after a timeless design with the flexibility to choose your size.
  • Personal Organizer – Known affectionately by many names, including organizer or Filofax, this one’s for those who want a sturdy calendar encased in a ring binder of their favorite color.
  • Personal Photo Calendar – Fill it with twelve of your favorite snapshots, one for each month. Perfect as a gift, or for those wanting to remember special moments while planning ahead.
  • Personal Family Planner with Monthly Overview – Keep track of the whole family’s schedule! Ideal for anyone looking for a monthly calendar with a clear structure and a column for each family member.
  • Personal Family Planner with Weekly Overview – Designed to bring order to your life! Suitable for households big and small wanting to organize the whole family’s plans and schedules in a weekly calendar.
  • Personal Mixbook– Not a calendar, but a pick-and-mix of our themed pages. Perfect for those wanting an extra notebook for relaxation, creativity, planning, or tracking.
Why Should You Plan with a Calendar?

Why Should You Plan with a Calendar?

We’d be here all day if we tried to list all the benefits of using a calendar to plan your days, so we’ll keep it to a few main perks:

  • You won’t miss a thing! Even those with a photographic memory can’t remember every dinner with the in-laws, when the next car service is due, important meeting times, or which friend you’re catching up with over the weekend. Jotting things down in your diary means you can forget about them until needed - phew!
  • You save time! It’s true. Planning makes you more time efficient, cuts down on wasted moments, and eases daily stress because you know what’s coming.
  • It’s fun! Customizing a calendar, choosing the cover, and deciding every little detail inside it is a unique joy. Adding personal touches to your diary is the cherry on top, and there’s lots of lovely accessories that make planning not just more fun but also incredibly personal!

Looking for a Weekly Calendar?

Our Organizer, Personal Planner, and Family Planner with weekly views are exactly what you need. Each offers a spacious weekly spread, providing you with a snapshot of your week at a glance – like having a mini weekly calendar! Prefer planning month by month? Then, our Photo Calendar and Family Planner with monthly overview are your go-tos.

A Calendar with Public Holidays

Wondering if our calendars come with public holidays printed in them? We get this question from time to time, and the answer is a resounding YES! When creating your diary, you can choose to include the public holidays of your chosen country, or if you prefer, opt out of having any holidays printed at all.

Your 2024 Planner

2024 is upon us – could this be the best year of your life? It’s certainly not too late to make this the year of top notch planning and organization. Creating a 2024 calendar with us is a breeze. You get to decide its start month and how many months you’d like it to run for – 3, 6, 9, 12, or 13 months? The choice is yours!