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Build your own, fully customized personal organizer

Make planning more personal in an organizer where you pick all the pages. Customize your inlay in our easy-to-use design tool, pairing it with one of our practical ring binders for a complete planning solution. This inlay is compatible with Filofax A5 and works perfectly as a refill.


What’s a Personal Organizer?

A personal organizer consists of two separate parts: a customized inlay and a stylish ring binder. Start by customizing the three sections of your inlay: the cover images, the calendar section, and the themed pages at the back. Next, pick one of our ring binders to put your pages in. This inlay also suits Filofax A5 binders perfectly, or any other industry-standard 6-ring binder. Just use it as you would with any Filofax refill.

Because the pages are in a ring binder, you can remove old sections or refill with new pages when you need to. Just keep in mind that we print the content of your organizer on both sides of the pages, in the order you choose. For that reason, we suggest not moving the calendar section nor the themed pages around – it might just get a bit messy.
As always with us, you can customize every page in your in your tailor-made organizer. Your fully customized planning experience is waiting!


How to Create a Personal Organizer

1. Cover Image

The entire inlay of our personal organizers is fully customizable to suit your style and schedule. Start by picking your cover images. Upload your own photos or choose one from our many wonderful designs. Write your name, year, or whatever you want for that extra personal touch on your cover pages.

2. Calendar Section

Next, select start month for the calendar section. The calendar will run for 12 months, regardless of the start date. Customize your weekly view, choosing between 8 different layouts. Add personal dates, then pick modules for your spreads: to do’s, uplifting quotes, doodles, menu plans, workouts, and more. The entire inlay is compatible with Filofax A5 ring binders and can be used as refill.

3. Themed Pages

With more than 60 different themed pages to pick from, you’re bound to find favorites in this section! Want to reach your goals and dreams this year? Check out our goal setting pages. Wish to focus a little extra on your wellbeing? Browse our Mood & Habit Trackers, and other self-care pages. Need ways to simplify everyday life? Add some menu plans and budgeting pages.

4. Ring Binder

No organizer is complete without a beautiful binder to pop your inlay into. Pick one of our high-quality 6-ring binders, made from durable vegan leather and available in a range of lovely colors. Already have a Filofax A5? Use our customizable inlay as a refill! Note: Ring binders are purchased separately.