Ring Binder Organizer A5 - Black


Ring Binder Organizer A5 - Black
Ring binder Organizer A5 - Beige
Ring binder Organizer A5 - Green
Ring binder Organizer A5 - Yellow
Ring binder Organizer A5 - Purple
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Ring binder Organizer A5 - Pink
Ring Binder Organizer A5 - Brown

This ring binder in size A5 has been specially designed to work as a personal organizer. Simply customize an unbound inlay in our design tool, then add this beautiful black binder in faux leather to your order. Keep bits and bobs like stickers and notes in the slip pockets at the front and back, and pop your favorite pen in the elastic loop. This is a 6-ring industry-standard binder and will fit an A5 Filofax refill perfectly as well.

Note: Ring binders and inlays are purchased as separate products.

Color: Black
L233mm x W178mm x H38mm
Vegan PU leather
Silver 6-ring mechanism
Ring inner diameter: 25 mm
8 pockets
2 pen loops
 Button closure
Fits refills of A5 Filofax

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