Ring binder Organizer A5 - Purple


Ring binder Organizer A5 - Purple
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Ring binder Organizer A5 - Green
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Ring binder Organizer A5 - Pink
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Complete your organizer with this lovely purple ring binder in faux leather. Create your calendar insert separately in our design tool and then place it in the binder for a personalized and customized planning system. With 8 inside pockets and an elastic pen holder, you’ll have everything you need close at hand: stickers, notes, cards, and your favorite pen - everything fits in this clever ring binder. The binder is also compatible with an unbound Mixbook inlay, and fits A5-sized Filofax refills as well.

Note: Ring binders and inlays are purchased as separate products.

 Color: Purple
 L233mm x W178mm x H42mm
 Vegan PU leather
 Gold 6-ring mechanism
 Ring inner diameter: 25 mm / 1”
 8 pockets
 2 pen loops
Button closure
Perfect for an unbound Mixbook
 Fits refills of A5 Filofax

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