Ring binder Organizer A5 - Green


Ring binder Organizer A5 - Green
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The best companion for your organizer is this green, stylish ring binder made of durable faux leather. The binder is perfectly designed for a customizable calendar insert created in our design tool, and works perfectly with an unbound Mixbook too. Stickers, cards, and notes can be stored in the inner pockets of the binder, and your favorite pen has a designated spot in the elastic pen holder. With its six rings, this binder is also optimized for A5-sized Filofax refills.

Note: Ring binders and inlays are purchased as separate products.

Color: Green
L233mm x W178mm x H42mm
Vegan PU leather
Gold 6-ring mechanism
Ring inner diameter: 25 mm / 1”
8 pockets
2 pen loops
Button closure
Perfect for an unbound Mixbook
Fits refills of A5 Filofax

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