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Use our themed pages Clean Space to make your home sparkle. Download one of our printable cleaning schedules and get the kids involved in the fun too!

Cleaning with Our Themed Pages & Schedules - FREEBIE

Use our themed pages Clean Space to make your home sparkle. Download one of our printable cleaning schedules and get the kids involved in the fun too!

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A neat and tidy home can sometimes feel like a distant dream. There’s always more dishes to wash, more laundry to fold, and more closets to declutter. But never fear! Let us help you put a stop to cleaning overwhelm, and get your space looking spick and span, with our themed pages Clean Space. Make sure you download our free cleaning schedules here below too!

Let’s start with the Cleaning Schedule page. Here you can jot down all your cleaning routines and when they were last carried out. This helps you create a rhythm for how often you’d like different areas cleaned, and gives you a great overview of everything you’ve actually accomplished.

Right now you can give this page a try by downloading one of the free printables just below!

- The Family Cleaning Schedule printable is designed to help you get the whole family involved in everyday chores. Divide up who does what and pop on a sticker every time someone completes a task. Who said cleaning couldn’t be fun?!


- The Cleaning Schedule printable works similarly – put a mini sticker every time you complete a task to get a clear overview of what’s already cleaned and what needs cleaning. After just a few weeks you’ll realize what a cleaning whizz you are!


Our next page is called Declutter Your Home. This one’s perfect if you’re looking to make a drastic change. Letting go of things that are just collecting dust is really quite a relief - try it if you’re up for a challenge!

This page will help you formulate a vision of your end goal and measure your progress. You’ll love the results, so it’s worth working through them!

Learn more about this themed page here.

Our third page is titled Organize Your Home. A home can be a bit messy at times, and that’s OK. But sometimes you just need to reboot - consciously organizing your space can have a massively positive effect on your mind, as well as well as creating calmer atmosphere in your home.

This page will help you figure out where and when to start, who will be responsible for what, as well as tracking the results. Write down a list of all the areas you want to organize and get the whole family involved! Doing it together takes the pressure off one single family member, and encourages everyone to take responsibility for keeping things in their proper place.


We hope these themed pages inspire you to bring more structure and order to your home. Best of luck!

Keen to learn a few more cleaning hacks? Check out out Cleaning Cycle, where you tackle one area or room at a time!

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