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Stress-free Weeknight Dinners with Your Mixbook™ and Some Clever Sticky Notes

Pair our wonderfully versatile Mixbook™ with our sticky notes, Stuck on You, and save yourself some weeknight stress. Today we’ll tell you how these under-rated everyday heroes can help you eat better and healthier, and reduce costs and food waste at the same time. And as a bonus feature, you can download our popular Meal Planner at the end of the article. Enjoy!

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You know those moments when you’re really in the middle of something else (like planning away in your planner!) and you suddenly remember that you’re all out of milk in the fridge? Or when you realize that deadline for that group project is already next week, or that Zoom book club night has been postponed? Or perhaps you just want to scribble down a cute message to your pretty morning self to put on the bathroom mirror!

All these little moments have one thing in common: they all need some sticky note therapy! And for that reason we’re happy to introduce you to our newest friends in the shop: our sticky notes Stuck on You!

These little darlings are just the thing when you want to scribble down a quick shopping list, pull it off and take it with you to the shop - or for writing down a kind reminder to yourself for stressful times.

There are a million reasons why you *NEED* these stickies, and the fact that you can park the whole block right in your planner or Mixbook™, clicking them into place in the coil, means they’ll be with you whenever you need them. They’re available in two different designs right now in the shop. Click below to find your fave!


And speaking of the Mixbook™ - a clever idea is to mix your very own of these, designed as a recipe book! Start by filling it with our hugely popular and very helpful Meal Planner pages. With these, you can create a library of meals, where you include your and your family’s favorite dishes. Add quick 30-minute meals for those busy weekday dinners, as well as your favorite show-stoppers to enjoy during the weekend - whatever suits your lifestyle and situation. Now place these meals out throughout the weeks, and you’ve got yourself a 9-week meal plan!

You can also add lined or blank pages where you can write entire recipes, with ingredient lists and instructions, and perhaps even include reviews from foodie family members! And if you’re a person who loves writing a good list, you’ll enjoy adding our pages Make a List, where everything that needs to get done can fit (and get crossed off!).

And there you go: a fully personalized recipe book, aka family meal planner, all in one lovely Mixbook™! Say goodbye to daily runs to the shop and frozen pizza for dinner - now you’re well prepared, weeks ahead time!

I want to create my Mixbook™ now!

But the magic really starts when you pair your customized Mixbook™ with our sticky notes, Stuck on You. Grab these nifty little notes as you’re sitting down to plan out your meals, and jot down all the ingredients you need in a shopping list. That way you’re meal planning and grocery shop planning at the same time, saving you time and energy!

PRO TIP: Have you wondered why sticky notes always seem to roll up at the bottom, looking all messy and untidy? We think we may have solved this mystery! Our colleague, Karin, tells us that if you pull the note sideways instead of from the bottom up, both the note and the pad will stay flat and lovely for longer. Worth a try, right?

BONUS FEATURE: Below is a free copy of our Meal Planner for you to print out and try! These back pages are hugely popular and extremely helpful, reducing stress in your day-to-day. Enjoy!

Our wide range of back pages are available in step 6 when designing your planner, or in step 2 when creating your Mixbook™.

Download your free Meal Planner here!

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