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Our Favourite Modules - A Guided Tour!

Hop on our tour to see how Julia, Shirin, Sara and all the others use their favourite modules! With no less than 18 different modules to choose from, you’re sure to find one or two that fit your needs perfectly. All aboard for the tour! 🍋

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Welcome to the wonderful world of modules! These nifty little boxes at the bottom of your weekly spreads fit anything from workouts and to-do lists, to mood trackers and menu plans. Which ones are a perfect fit you?

Shirin is from Sundsvall, Sweden. She likes forest walks, hearty laughter, and her Colour-in module. She doesn’t regard herself as particularly artistic, and that’s why this module is perfect for her. Each week she gets one new little image to fill with colour - unpretentious art and colour therapy for regular people!

Julia is from California. She loves cupcakes, memes, and her Quote module. Because what can possibly make your day more awesome than a Triple Chocolate Mudcake Cupcake? ANSWER: 52 confidence-boosting messages every week of the year! The Quote module is Julia’s life coach.

Sara is from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. She loves dubious dance moves, has a mild avocado addiction, and adores her Menu Plan module. As a mother of 3 small boys, planning meals is a cost-efficient, less-waste way of eating well during a week full of work, school, and activities. The Menu Plan module is Sara’s life-saver.

Would you like to hear another family life hack? It's spelled THE FAMILY WALL PLANNER and if you have more than one person's life to keep track of this is for you! As customisable as the Personal Planner, the Family Wall Planner fits up to 8 columns - meaning you can have a dedicated column just for meal planning! SO SATISFYING. Literally.

Daniel is also from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. He likes dad jokes, his 3D printer, and his Workout module. He may not be his generation’s Usain Bolt, but he does enjoy/endure a quick jog a few times a week. To stay motivated, he plans and records his runs, as well as any additional exercise, in his Workout module. Come Friday, he can enjoy a packet of crisps with a clear conscience. You’re welcome, Daniel!

Vanessa is from Germany. She likes tidiness, home-made muesli, and her To-Do module. With its help she can be über örganised. Had coffee today? CHECK. Watched 7 episodes of New Girl? CHECK. Danced to boyband Five’s hit song Everybody Get Up? CHECK. Productivity AND feel-good leves are soaring high for Vanessa. Thank you, To-Do module!

Ebba is from Skärplinge, Sweden. (Try saying that five times fast.) She loves a roaring fire, singing in harmony, and her Blank module. Wait, is that a typo? you may be asking yourself. No, it’s not. The Blank module is...erm...a blank space at the bottom of the page where you can write exactly what you want, whenever you want. No limiting box dictating what kind of information should be entered in a particular space. Just you and the Blank module. To quote Ebba’s own words: Cognitive liberation is at hand!

Bjørn is from Norway. He likes numbers, Manchester United, and his Graph module. Why? Because keeping track of things is Bjørn’s jam. Moody Monday? Let’s track that. Poor cash flow? Get that in the books. Stressful Sunday? Make a note of that (probably had something to do with the footie, tbh...). The Graph module is the perfect place to obsess over numbers like nobody’s watching. Go ahead, Bjørn, we’re looking away!

Hopefully by now you have a better picture of what a module is, and how many awesome options there are! But don’t take our word for it - go see what they look like in your own Personal Planner!

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