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Meal Planning & Habit Tracking Made Easy - Download Our Templates!<br />

Meal Planning & Habit Tracking Made Easy - Download Our Templates!

Meal Planning & Habit Tracking Made Easy - Download Our Templates!

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Hooray! Now there’s a bunch of brilliant back pages to meal plan right in your Personal Planner!

With our handy meal planner, you’ll never be stuck for dinner ideas again, and you’ll always be able to reply to the nagging question “what’s for dinner?” just by pointing at your meal planner with a confident smile. Simply add the Meal Plan pack at the end your Personal Planner, and off you go!

First, make a “library of dishes” by entering your staples and favourite meals into the list to the right. Then, distribute them over the weeks and, hey pesto! I mean, presto! :) You now have a delicious 9-week meal plan.

You’ll find these pages in stage 4 when creating your planner.


But wait, there’s more! We have lots of lists and habit trackers available as back pages packs, too!

In Tracker Yearly, pictured below, you’re able to track your mood, screen-free days, eating habits, workout routine, or whatever you like. Make a key by colouring the bottom squares and writing what each colour represents. Then, colour one square each day in the tracker, in the colour that best matches your experience or achievement. By the end of the year, you’ll have a super satisfactory, visual overview of your achievements. Aaah...!

Oh, but we know you can’t bear waiting for your new planner to arrive, right? So in the meantime, we’ve made available the Meal Planner and Tracker Yearly as templates to download and try at home. Click below to get your hands on them!

Meal Planner template
Tracker Yearly template

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