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Plan with us! Every season has its charm, and decorating your planner spreads to match the current season is so much fun! Here, you’ll find inspiration for how to use a range of different accessories throughout the year.

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Plan with Me - May 2024

Bank holidays, daffodils in bloom, and summer on the horizon...aaah, May! Time to plan for the year’s prettiest month.

Plan with Me - April 2024

Longer days, sunshine, and a world slowly waking up from its winter slumber – April is just delightful! Let’s dive into planning this gorgeous month together.

Plan with Me - March 2024

As birds and buds start to appear, could it be that spring is finally near? Delightful March is officially the first month of spring – let’s plan it together!

Plan with Me - February 2024

The most loving month of the year has arrived! It’s time to fill your planner with an extra dose of love this February. Join us and get inspired!

Plan with Me - January 2024

January = A new year full of opportunity! 2024 is finally here. Let’s dive into planning the first month of the year together.

Plan with Me - December 2023

Snow crunches underfoot and the aroma of freshly baked cookies fills the air - December is upon us. Plan the most festive month of the year with us!

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