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Lessons, exams, and your private life - being a teacher involves a whole lot of planning. Learn 5 things a Teacher Planner has to include, and explore ours here!

5 Features a Teacher Planner Needs

Lessons, exams, and your private life - being a teacher involves a whole lot of planning. Learn 5 things a Teacher Planner has to include, and explore ours here!

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Being a teacher isn’t just a job - it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle where you invest countless hours watering, nurturing, and injecting the nutrients of knowledge into young saplings of the species Home Sapiens. All in the hope that your plant children will one day grow up to become responsible and well-functioning citizens.

But being a teacher can also be pretty hectic. Lessons, schedules, exams, and work placements need to be planned, at the same time as all the logistics of everyday life need to run smoothly.

That’s why there’s a few things to consider when hunting for the perfect Teacher Planner. With the help from a few seasoned educators, we’ve created a truly great Teacher Planner, featuring some of the most important pages needed to prepare and deliver outstanding lessons.


5 Reasons Why You Need a Teacher Planner

  1. Our themed Teacher pages are especially adapted to the needs of a teacher. They include: themes & projects, seating charts, parent-teacher dates, student information, attendance chart, and much more.

  2. A planner inlay that is customized to your life as a teacher is crucial. What type of weekly spreads do you prefer: vertical, horizontal, or box? Or the week on the right and a blank or lined page on the left in each spread? You decide what weekly layout works best for you!

  3. Choose between tons of beautiful designs options, or upload your own images on the cover. Add your name, year, and whatever else you want to make your Teacher Planner truly personal!

  4. A nifty storage pocket is included in the purchase of your Teacher Planner. It’s a great place to keep loose notes and other bits and bobs you might need for your lessons.

  5. All customization options are included in the price total - always! No nasty surprises at the end.

Regardless whether you’re teaching Kindergarten kids, high school or even university students, this is the Teacher Planner for you thanks to its custom pages.

“Lots of information, in a handy format”

With this accurate observation, Karin Hultman captures the feeling of having a Personal Planner of her own. But who is this clever Karin? Karin is a seasoned educator, with over 20 years of experience as a high school teacher. But her passion for planners runs even deeper and further than that. She’s a true veteran, both in the world of planners, as well as in the world of teaching.

If you, just like Karin, are a devoted planner user, you probably recognize the description of “having your whole life in your planner.” Before trying out our ready-made Teacher Planner, Karin used to create her own Personal Planner every year or semester, customizing it to fit her life as a teacher. When your whole life fits in an A5 format, it’s so important to get every detail just right, and have the ability to adjust things like weekly layouts and themed pages.

Karin’s experience in teaching, planner usage, and professional planning is nothing short of a gold mine. Naturally, we’re eager to share Karin’s best tips with you, so that you can make the most of your Teacher Planner too.

Fabulous Features in the Teacher Planner - 3 Tips from a Teacher

  • It’s awesome to know about special theme days as a teacher, e.g. Science Fiction day, and plan fun lessons around those. So check the preprinted national holidays and theme days, and use your imagination to create something fun around them!

  • If you have older students, the monthly overview is perfect for writing down their work experience dates. Use a different color for each student and highlight those weeks they’ll be away and where.

  • When you create your own planner, you get the opportunity to add personal dates. Enter all your students’ birthdays so you can always surprise them with a “Happy Birthday” class chorus on their big day!


Working as a teacher can be a wild ride, and no matter how much you plan, sometimes things don’t go exactly as intended. A colleague falls ill, and you have to step in; assignments get postponed; the field day gets washed out.

These things happen, and when plans change, it’s great to be able to change and write down the new plans in your planner. So it’s not surprising then that FriXion pens with erasable ink are our bestselling pens. Write, erase, write again - just like magic! FriXion pens come in a variety of colors and multipacks. Explore them all below!


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