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Dream away with our Travel Pages! Plan upcoming trips and remember all the wonderful places you've already visited.

Plan your Vacation with our Travel Journal Pages

Dream away with our Travel Pages! Plan upcoming trips and remember all the wonderful places you've already visited.

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Sometimes you just have to dream. About that country you want to visit or that adventure you want to jump on. No dream is too big, regardless of your dream destination. With the help of our Travel theme pages, you can plan and dream about upcoming trips and remember all the wonderful places you've already visited.

Travel - World Map
Aaah, a map of our world… a dreamer’s blank canvas! Start by colouring in the countries (and states!) you’ve already visited. Then, move on to your dream destinations.

At this stage, don’t worry about the very real budget restrictions most of us have to deal with. Give yourself permission to dream! Write down your dream destination list, or use another colour on the map to mark what countries you’d like to visit. Maybe even go real wild and track your perfect around-the-world backpacking trip!

Travel - Landmarks & Trips
This page is for creating the Mother of All Bucket Lists! Choose which of these iconic landmarks you’d like to see, and tick off those you’ve already visited. It’s ok to be super ambitious!

Here’s some fun bonus material for this page. When travelling the world - how do you do it? On horseback or on foot? Do you prefer a bike or a boat trip? Or is helicopter your preferred method of transportation? ;) Tick the alternatives that suit you and your style best.

Where would you like to be off to this year? Wouldn’t it be lovely to swing by the grandparents, take a road trip up the coast, or have a big city weekend with the girls? Color in one suitcase per trip and write your destination on the address tag. One day you will make these trips!

Travel - Prepare
All well-planned trips start with a packing list. But in this spread, you’ll also find dedicated lists for things you need to do before take-off (like asking your neighbor to collect your mail, renewing your passport, checking vaccines etc.), and also for the things you need to do when you get back (returning that borrowed suitcase, thanking your neighbor for their help etc.). You can also write down the things you absolutely mustn’t forget to do during your trip: buy an Eiffel Tower fridge magnet, write a postcard to your nan, and take a selfie in front of the Golden Gate bridge.

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Some trips are meant to be extra special. If you’ve been dreaming and perhaps even started planning your big day, don’t stop now! Keep the dream alive so that when time is right again, you will be ready.

Travel - Journal
Sometimes the best way to remember a trip is to write it down. In text, you’re better able to recall emotions, scents, tastes - all those little details that a camera is unable to capture. Maybe you want to summarise the entire trip all in one go, or perhaps you write a few phrases every day.

Travel - Memories
Save the most memorable moments of your trip as doodles! The all-too-small tent you and your friends spent the night in, or the galloping camel you tried to ride, or that weird fruit you dared to taste. Or perhaps even something you forgot to snap a picture of? And sometimes we return home with pockets full of bits and pieces we’ve collected, like paper tickets, receipts, small brochures. Paste them on this page to remember the sweet little details from your trip.

Having said all this... How are you going to spend the summer?

Need inspiration? We have a wonderful list of some fun activities right here!

Have fun planning your next adventure!

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