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Are You a Professional Adult?
Are You a Professional Adult?

Are you a Professional Adult or just an amateur one? 🙃

Take our quiz below and see how many adult points you get! For every statement you feel describes you, you get 10 points. Good luck!

It's up there with chocolate and champagne.

Who wants a night out in the pouring rain, anyway?!

One may even fall asleep. But actually, that would only make the night more awesome.

Let's not talk about all those other times though.

Thinking of investing in a slow cooker next!

How are you doing? Raking in the points or failing miserably? Don't worry - we've got one last bonus statement for you!

But no point in even trying to pronounce those Swedish furniture names. Like that wardrobe, "DUMB┼S" - what the...?!

10 points: Baby Adult level. Hmm, sounds like you may still be living at home with your parents.
20 points: Toddler Adult Level. You're taking your first baby steps towards adulthood.
30 points: Teenage Adult level. You're halfway to becoming an independent adult self!
40 points: Amateur Adult level. You really have this adulting thing under control!
50-60 points: Professional Adult level. Congratulations! You have mastered the art of adulting, and are officially a Professional Adult. YAY!

Now share your results with a friend, and see how they do on this quiz!

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