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Master your budget with some savvy money tips! Learn how to track expenses, set a budget, and kick off your savings.

Master Your Budget + FREEBIES

Master your budget with some savvy money tips! Learn how to track expenses, set a budget, and kick off your savings.

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“Money, money, money, must be funny…” Oh, if only it was that simple! Sometimes it feels like money just flies out of your wallet (or card) completely on its own. Getting a clear picture of your finances can be challenging – where to begin? Using a few different methods to first get an overview of your spending, then taking control is the way to go. Here are some financial hacks to get a better grip on your bucks!

3 Financial Tips to Boss Your Budget & Expenses

  1. A Mixbook Packed with Budget Pages - A brilliant way to jumpstart your financial motivation is to create a personal Mixbook. Use it as your very own finance guide. Fill it with our different budget pages, and you’ll both get a clear overview and detailed control of your spendings.


    You can also add our Save - Little & A Lot themed page. It’s a fun way to get into the habit of saving a bit every week and watching your funds grow over the year. Eager to start saving? We’ve got a freebie for you to kick things off!




    All the budget pages are available for your planner and organizer as well, in case you prefer keeping everything there.

  3. The 50/30/20 Method - This is a super simple budgeting method, where you divide your expenses into three categories:

    Essential expenses = 50%
    Wants = 30%
    Savings and debt repayments = 20%

    The idea is to set boundaries for your expenses, without needing to track every penny. The 50/30/20 split isn’t rigid – adjust as it suits you. If 40/20/40 fits your goal better, go for it!

  4. Envelope Method – The big idea here is that you withdraw most of your salary in cash and distribute it into different envelopes, based on your expenses. Leave out fixed costs, like rent, and have envelopes for variables like food, entertainment, and shopping.

    Then, allocate cash as needed for each category. When shopping for groceries, take money from the food envelope, or for a movie night, pull from the entertainment envelope. Over time, this method will help you spot patterns and unnecessary expenses. Storage pockets are great for holding the envelopes – just clip them into your binder and grab when needed!


We’ve got another treat for you – the savings jar! It’s a clever jar filled with coin graphics, visually showing your growing savings. Set aside a sum each month, jot down the amount or color in the coins.

For parents, this jar is a fab way to teach kids about money, especially in our digital world. Print it, slap it on the fridge, and let the kiddos color in a coin every time they receive their pocket money.

We hope our tips and tricks help you take charge of your personal finances!

Are you a student finding finances a bit tricky? Our Digital Communicator, Isabelle, has penned down her best hacks from her study years on making the most of your student aid!

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