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Plan with Me - April 2024

Longer days, sunshine, and a world slowly waking up from its winter slumber – April is just delightful! Let’s dive into planning this gorgeous month together.

Phone Wallpapers - 2024 Collection

Freshen up your phone every month with a gorgeous free wallpaper from Personal Planner!

How Do You Make Your Own Planner? Here’s Your Guide!

How do you make your own custom planner? There’s a ton of options to pick from when designing a personalized planner. Let us guide you through the process with this manual!

Plan with Me - March 2024

As birds and buds start to appear, could it be that spring is finally near? Delightful March is officially the first month of spring – let’s plan it together!

10 Things to Track with a Habit Tracker

What’s a habit tracker and how do you use one? What can you track? Find the answers here plus 10 ideas for things to track in your habit tracker!

Keep Your Coins in Check with a Budget Template – Free Printable

Wondering where all your money goes between pay checks? Stop guessing - start tracking! Download your free monthly budget template and track your income and expenses today.

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