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Manage your studies and free time effectively with a planner. Explore our 5 planning tips for ideas!

5 Ways to Balance Studies & Free Time

Manage your studies and free time effectively with a planner. Explore our 5 planning tips for ideas!

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Finding a good balance between hitting the books and chilling out during your study years isn’t always easy - but so important! Establishing good habits will not only help you create more harmony in your life in the here and now, but it will ease your transition into the professional world later on as well.

When you’re in the thick of studying, it often feels like there’s no real ‘off’ button. There’s always another exam lurking or a paper that needs that last finishing touch. But with a bit of planning, you can create a sustainable rhythm for yourself. And where’s the best place to start that planning? Yup, you guessed it - in your Personal Planner!

Create a Study-Leisure Balance in Your Planner

  • Schedule both study and downtime: Just as you jot down lectures, assignments, and exams, remember to pencil in some me time. Trust us, it’s crucial. Maybe earmark an evening off after a hectic school day, or block out some recurring relax time every week. Our Student Planner is, as the name hints, tailored for students, and is brimming with layouts, themed pages, and other fab features to make your study journey well-balanced.


  • Get moving: Exercise is a proven stress-buster and mood-booster. Carve out some time in your diary, whether it’s for a jog, yoga session, or even just a brisk walk. The key? Find something you truly enjoy.

  • Set achievable goals: Being driven is awesome, but avoid overstretching yourself. Balance and downtime are super important for your wellbeing. Set goals that are ambitious yet attainable, ensuring you’re not ignoring downtime. It’s all about balance!

    Here's a bonus: Start setting SMART goals! We’ve designed both a pink worksheet and a grey worksheet for you to download for free, along with a guide on how to use them effectively.

  • Take breaks: Think powering through hours of study in one go is productive? Think again. Your brain craves breaks to recharge and refocus. Make sure to sprinkle in short breaks, maybe every 25-30 minutes. Ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? Dive deeper into this proven strategy.

When building your organiser with us, you can pick a weekly layout that works perfectly with your study life. Add modules and helpful themed pages for goal-setting and relaxation.


And don’t forget to accessorise! Choose a ring binder in your favourite colour. It has 8 nifty pockets, perfect for storing pens, loose sheets, and all those student essentials.


A Gentle Reminder in Your Planner

Hold on a sec! The title promised 5 tips, but we’ve listed only 4 so far, right? That’s because tip number five is super important for your wellbeing, and we wanted to give it its own spotlight:

  • Learn to say NO! It’s a game-changer to master the art of turning down invites and commitments. But you can’t do it all, and overcommitting will only add to the stress and rob you of downtime. FOMO is real, but so is self-care. Prioritise what truly matters to you.

Master the art of penciling in downtime in your planner. Need a nudge now and then to prioritise relaxation? Design custom stickers with reminders – maybe "relax", "me time", or "take a walk". You decide!


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