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With 2023 drawing to a close and 2024 fast approaching, what better time to reflect over this past year? Download our two printable reflection worksheets here!

Yearly Review - Reflection Worksheet

With 2023 drawing to a close and 2024 fast approaching, what better time to reflect over this past year? Download our two printable reflection worksheets here!

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And just like that, 2023 is coming to a close and 2024 is already knocking on the door. But before throwing ourselves headlong into the joy of a brand new year, let’s take a moment to reflect on this past year. Download our free end of year reflection worksheet below!

“This is My Year” – Your Fun Reflection Tool

What was your soundtrack for 2023? What memories stand out? This is My Year is a light-hearted template to help you summarize your year. From top movies to the little things that mattered, it’s a place to gather all your cherished moments.

So, why not spend some time reflecting on your year, or at least the bits that stick out most?


Yearly review This is My Year, printed out and filled in

3 Great Reasons to Reflect on Your Year

Reflecting on the year isn’t just a walk down memory lane – it’s a powerful tool for personal growth. Here’s why:

  • It boosts self-awareness - By reflecting on your past year’s decisions, you gain deeper insights into your own behavior and motivations. It’s a solid step towards personal growth and development.

  • You learn from experience - Thinking about your actions and their outcomes gives your valuable insights into what worked well and what didn’t. This knowledge can help you make more thoughtful decisions in the future.

  • You get better at setting goals – Didn’t reach a goal in 2023? By considering why, you can plan and set more achievable goals for the coming year. Perhaps your goals were just a bit unrealistic?

  • Reflection worksheet This Past Year, printed out and filled in

    Free Yearly Reflection Printable

    Pressing pause and taking a moment to reflect can be totally life-altering. Sounds a little hyped up, yes, but if you think about it that’s where it all starts. What do you want to bring with you into the new year? What do you wish to leave behind? Use our end of year reflection printable below to get a head start on 2024!


    Reflecting on your experiences is an opportunity to actively guide your thoughts, actions and, ultimately, your life in the direction you want. You decide what stays and what goes, shaping not only your present but your future too. It might sound like serious and intimidating business, but once you start it’s pretty straightforward - and super empowering!

    Check out our themed page Yearly Reflection if you’d like to carry your goals and intentions for the year in your planner or organizer!


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