Ring binder Organiser A5 - Pink


Ring binder Organiser A5 - Pink
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This dreamy pink ring binder in faux leather is perfectly designed to work as an organiser alongside a customisable inlay. Customise your inlay in our design tool, place the pages in the binder, and you have yourself a personal and flexible planning tool. With 8 pockets in the binder, you have plenty of storage space for small notes and stickers, and an elastic pen holder ensures that you always have something to write with at hand. The binder is also compatible with an unbound Mixbook inlay, and fits A5-sized Filofax refills as well.

Note: Ring binders and inlays are purchased as separate products.

 Colour: Pink
 L233mm x W178mm x H42mm
 Vegan PU leather
 Gold 6-ring mechanism
 Ring inner diameter: 25 mm / 1”
 8 pockets
 2 pen loops
 Button closure
Perfect for an unbound Mixbook
 Fits refills of A5 Filofax

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