Sales, Deals & Discounts at Personal Planner

Sometimes, you just get that urge to snag a deal. You want that product, but you also want to see if there’s a chance for a deal or a discount.

The good news is that, from time to time, we have plenty of planning essentials, calendars, and other goodies at discounted prices or on sale. There are a few different ways to get a discount at Personal Planner: through an active campaign or a discount code. Curious to see if you can score a deal today?

Upcoming Sales at Personal Planner

  • Summer Sale 2024
  • Back to School 2024
  • Black Friday 2024
  • Black Week 2024
  • New Year Sale 2024

Personal Planner Discount Code

Sometimes, we have active discount codes circulating on the interwebs. Most often, we collaborate with influencers who share discount codes on their social channels, like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and others.

Here at Personal Planner, we have active promo codes throughout the year, applicable to different products, at different percentages or amounts, and at different times.

Keep an eye out for your favourite influencers - there’s a high chance of you’ll find a discount code in their feed in the near future!

Sometimes, we also have active promo codes here on our website. Keep an eye on the homepage or your favourite product to not miss any discounts and sales!

How Do I Get a Discount at Personal Planner?

Looking for a discount code from Personal Planner? Our insider tip so you don’t miss out on any discounts or promotions is to do the following:

  • Keep an eye on influencers
  • Follow us on social media
  • Take a look here on the website
  • Subscribe to our newsletter

Are you an influencer and want to collaborate with us and share discount codes? Contact us for collaboration here

When can I get a discount at Personal Planner?

We have several sale campaigns and promo codes circulating throughout the year, so keep your eyes open!

But you can always find plenty of great products at reduced prices in our Outlet. Here you’ll find a delightful mix of items that need to move from home and find a new home with you. Grab a deal in our Outlet here.

The amount of discount you can get at any given time varies and depends entirely on the sale campaign or promo code in question. Sometimes we lower the price on our entire stock or a large part of it, sometimes a discount code applies to a specific product, and sometimes we discount the price on site in a dollar amount or percent - you get the idea!

All sale campaigns, deals, discount, and promo codes are unique and have their own set of terms. Sometimes you can use multiple discount codes at the same time and get a super deal, and sometimes you can only use one at a time. It varies a bit! It’s best to always check the terms for the specific promotional code you intend to use.

Personal Planner Discount Code 2024

During 2024, you’ll find all active offers and campaigns on this page. We also have several discount codes out with our influencer friends. Keep an eye out!