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How to set up a bullet journal in your Mixbook™ - A Beginner’s Visual Guide

Bullet journaling is the ever popular planning system, with unlimited possibilities for customization and creativity. Find out what pages you need for setting up your own bullet journal - both hand drawn as well as predesigned pages - in this simple beginner’s guide to bullet journaling.

12 Mood Tracker and Habit Tracker Ideas - Free Printables!

What if you could track your habits and see how they impact your moods? Using a habit tracker in combination with a mood tracker can help you see patterns in your behaviour and help you change things if needed! Here’s 12 mood tracker and habit tracker ideas to get you started - oh, and free tracker printables too!

THE MIXBOOK™ - A Visual Guide to Mixing an Epic Mixbook™

What do you get if you mix the back pages of a Personal Planner™ with a notebook? You get an epic, one-of-a-kind Mixbook™! Build your own notebook, combining all your favorites among our pre-designed fun and functional pages. Just select your Mixbook™ size, and start mixing!

Guide To Our “Best of Both” Planner Spreads

Being one of our most popular planner inlays, the “Best of Both” layout deserves a proper guide, we think: where you find these layout options, what the different variations look like, as well as some inspiration for how you can use them together with the calendar part. Are you ready to see some really lovely ideas? Let’s go!

How to Wash Your Amazing Case + Pen Test!

How brilliant is it that you can wash your Amazing Case and have it looking even better after? Amazing, indeed! Because these cases are made from vegan paper leather, washing them just means that the material will get a creased, leathery look - sans the leather! You can either hand-wash you Amazing Case, or chuck it in the machine at 40 degrees Celsius (or your WARM temp. setting), short cycle. After, let it air dry for an hour or so before ironing it.

Travel Journal Pages - Holiday Dreaming Until We Can Travel Again

This year, that most nagging of all questions “Are we there yet?“, has been replaced with another one: “When can we travel again?“. And while we really wish we could answer that question for you, instead we’re here to inspire you and to tell you to never stop dreaming, hoping and wishing! Read on to see some fab ways to pen down your dreams and plan an unforgettable trip - from your fave armchair for now, until it’s safe to dig up your passport and hop on a plane again.

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