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Tracking your habits and moods is fun and hugely satisfying! Learn how and what to track in this article.

How to Use Mood & Habit Trackers

Tracking your habits and moods is fun and hugely satisfying! Learn how and what to track in this article.

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Few things are as satisfying as a really great tracker! If you’ve spent a bit of time with us, you’ll know by now how obsessed we are with habit tracking - you can use it for just about everything! Some great things to start tracking, if you haven’t already, is daily water intake, sugar free days, hours of sleep, workout routines...anything, really!

You can also track your mood over a month, and this is where it gets exciting. If you track your habits over the course of one month and track your moods parallelly during the same period of time, we bet our hat you’ll be able to see connections between your habits and your moods quite clearly. What new insights about yourself will you discover this month? What dots will you be able to connect?

We’ve got so many different trackers to choose from as themed pages to go at the back of your planner or in your Mixbook. Read more about them in this article, as well as downloading a few of our favorite printables to try tracking for yourself!


Not long ago, we launched a few new themed pages that focus more deeply on mood and habit tracking, as well as pages that encourage some solid self-care routines. Have you taken a peek yet? You’ll find all our themed pages in step 6 when you’re designing a planner, or in step 2 when customizing a Mixbook.


If you’d like to gain a greater understanding of how your habits and your wellbeing are connected, then you’ll love these pages! Track your habits on the left page, e.g. what days you exercise, get enough sleep etc. Track both good and bad habits you’d like to get on top of in your daily life. In the circle tracker to the right, color the segments for each day, letting each color denote a particular mood. When one month has passed, look at your spread and try to identify connections between specific habits and your wellbeing during the same period of time. Perhaps you’ll find bad habits you’ll want to change, or helpful behavioral patterns you’ll want to encourage!

Good luck!

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